About Us

With a new company, comes new ideas, and new innovations. Urgent First Aid is a relatively new first aid manufacturer in the development phase, started by two people that have more than 35 years’ experience with consumer and industrial first aid. Working hard every day, brainstorming, building, and testing... We are a company that truly has a passion for first aid and safety.

We take pride in always offering the best value reliable emergency and first aid products. While often (but not always) the least expensive, we strive to always assure the best value. What is the difference? To us, this means having some items (such as our instant cold compresses and emergency blankets) manufactured to the highest standards overseas for lower cost is acceptable, but assuring our kit and cabinet cases are manufactured in the USA is vital. It means having our own Team Members quality test the content inside the kits to make sure bandages stick, cold packs chill, and towelettes are moist when opened. At Urgent First Aid™ we think value means printing and publishing our own full color first aid guides domestically, and assembling our kits with trained domestic labor in California – while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry. We think it means adding those extra items that make a kit more useful when needed. We’re not chasing the biggest profit on a one-time sale, we invest a bit more in your product and in America by taking this extra care, and we’re betting on more lifetime customers and referrals by doing this.

We will continue to make life better, whether it’s your home life, on the road, at school... Anywhere you might need us.

The Urgent First Aid Company Team